Cheap Activities That You Can Do on Weekends

Doing leisure activities on weekends are not only for those who are busy working during weekdays, but also for students who are busy studying, parents who are trying to take some time off from doing house chores and also for those who are just bored on weekends. Trust me, there are no rules for having an exciting weekend.

You may have heard about activities such as going to theme parks, playing extreme sports, shopping or maybe having a vacation someplace far away. But there are actually hundreds of leisure activities that you can do on weekends without spending much money and some of it might be free of charge! Isn’t that cool? So, I will list down some of the cheap or free activities that you can do on the weekend, either alone or with your family and friends.

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  1.       Movie marathon

Watching movies and relaxing is very significant to each other. This is because when you are so stuffed with your workload, you will not have time for yourself and watching movies is one of the ways that could help you relax. You can choose either to watch romantic comedy genre or comedies because that does not require you to think but after all, you can decide what movies you are going to watch.

  1.       Play games

There are two types of games that you can play at home which are online games and board games. For online games, you can easily browse the internet and you will find a lot of free games such as slot game Malaysia. For online slot games, you usually can go for the free games and it won’t cost you a dollar. Examples of board or card games that you can play are Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno card and a lot more. Spelling bee is also one of the games that you can play for fun and even make a competition from it.

  1.       Baking

Are you wondering why I said baking is cheap? It is cheap because you can technically bake anything that you can find in your house. You don’t have to go to the store and get anything unless you want to bake something that requires something else. Not only that, baking will also be some sort of therapy and gift because you will be eating all those goods after baking them.

  1.       Reading

Reading is surely a cheap leisure activity because if reading is your hobby, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on buying books because you already have piles of it at your home. But don’t worry, even if you just want to read casually on weekends and not doing that as a routine, you can find a free e-book or purchase the e-book at a cheaper price.

  1.       Picnic

Just like baking, having a picnic usually will not cost you a lot because you can just bring foods that you already have at home or just bring any ingredients that you find suitable such as crackers and canned tuna. You can make one type of snack from those two things that you find in your pantry.

In conclusion, there are actually a lot of cheap or even free activities that you can do on your leisure weekends. All you need to do is to think of it or just simply search it on the internet.