Functions of Social Medias

I believe everyone knows what social media is and at least owns one social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. It is one of the online platforms that have a lot of functions. Through the creation of virtual networks and communities, social media is a computer-based technology that promotes the exchange of ideas, opinions, and information. Social media is Internet-based by design, allowing people to share anything quickly via electronic digital communication. You can share about your life updates, feelings of the day, what are you going to do throughout the week, what are you going to cook for dinner and a lot more. It can be both; professional information and personal information.

There are various functions of social media that you might already know or maybe not. In this article I will be explaining a little bit about the functions of social media that you should know so you can utilise your social media at best.

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  1.       Sharing platform

You may share information and thoughts in a number of ways via social media. You may post your own thoughts in text, with images, or via videos and voice recordings through various channels, and you can also link your audience to relevant articles, photographs, and videos. You can share either private or public information such as your wedding date or your study place. What you want to share really depends on you as long as you don’t disclose any confidential information from the company you are working at.

  1.       Communication platform

Most people use social media for communication either interstate, international or even to communicate with someone in the same house. It helps you to keep in touch with people or about the latest news. For example, you have a friend who lives abroad and you don’t have his/her phone number, so social media is the first platform you can use to communicate with that person. People usually post the latest information about them on Instagram or Twitter and that is a one-way communication. When people start to reply or comment on that posting, it has become a two-way communication.

  1.       Marketing platform

Social media and marketing or advertising are very significant to each other. Social media advertising services are used by businesses to advertise themselves and their products. Non-profit organizations are responsible for raising cash and promoting charitable activities. Individuals make a pitch to potential employers. You may also utilize social media to push significant ideas and events to you. You can also use social media to create and publish content about your business which will usually increase the online traffic.

  1.       Networking platform

Social media is used to build networks with people from various places and backgrounds. It facilitates the formation of new relationships by facilitating the formation of interest groups. We frequently come across folks who have similar viewpoints and seek social support or encouragement here. You can also start networking with people with careers on LinkedIn and once you are comfortable with that platform, you will realise that you have expanded your circle of friends.